20 February 2012

Iran Orders Attacks

Several grand ayatollahs in Iran have issued a fatwa for Muslims to come to the aid of their Shiite brothers in Bahrain, who they claim are suffering horrific crimes from their government in collaboration with the Saudi armed forces. They further emphasized that the people of Bahrain have every right to demand freedom and their fair share from the state.
Shia-News, a site associated with Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi (a hard-line Shiite Twelver and an influential figure in the suppression of Iranians during their uprising to protest the fraudulent presidential election of 2009), is registering volunteers to participate in suicide bombings against Saudi interests around the world. Hundreds have already registered. Reports from inside Iran indicate that an alert has gone out to the Revolutionary Guards Quds forces throughout the world to prepare for attacks on Saudi establishments.

Translated Text taken from the SHIA NEWS SERVICE: http://www.shia-news.com/fa/pages/?cid=20367
“In The Name of the Lord of Shohada and Siddiqin:
When the Holy Prophet said: “If somebody calls for help and a Muslim hears him and does not help, he is not a Muslim,” he was referring to the whole world of the humanity, not just where he lived. He didn’t just mean a Muslim who says “I am a Muslim,” prays five times a day, or goes to Mecca to perform Hajj. If we consider that the Holy Prophet is innocent and sinless and never talked nonsense (it is what all Muslims believe), we must come to see it is the will of Allah. Muslims should not be apathetic to what is happening to the people who are asking for help. They must help them in all conditions and with all the available resources.
In other words, it is time to show the supporters of international terrorism, whose hands are colored by the blood of innocents, especially the Shias, that they can’t do whatever they desire. There are some fearless youth who don’t care what is fear.
Shia-News has the honor of registering the brave youth and freedom seekers of the world who have the desire to help the oppressed people of Bahrain. The youth, at the discretion of grand ayatollahs and authorities, will give a lesson to the aggressors that will be recorded in history.”
Since the Iranian Revolution, the ayatollahs’ mission has been to export their ideology throughout the world. Their agents have been infiltrating the Shiites in Bahrain and inciting the Shiite majority to overthrow the Sunni government, which has a strong relationship with the U.S. that includes being host to the headquarters of the U.S. Navy’s Fifth Fleet.
The ayatollahs who cry foul over the Saudi action in Bahrain have not spoken one word against their own Islamic regime, which is guilty of the rape, torture, and the murder of thousands of Iranian boys and girls for their uprising and demand for freedom and democracy.
Human rights groups have reported that Iran, in just one month, executed more than one hundred people. The slaughter continues on a daily basis: the Iranian Supreme Court recently stepped up the executions by “expediting” death sentences.
The proxy war between Iran and Saudi Arabia is just beginning — expect to see many more such conflicts in the Middle East which will expand onto the world stage.
Today it has become a fatwa that was nearly served to the Saudi Ambassador to the United States by elements in the Iranian government, to assassinate Adel al-Jubeir, Saudi Arabia’s ambassador, by planting a bomb in his favourite restaurant in Washington, DC.
And not only that, they planned a bomb plot in DC…..
Reza Khalili : “The plot by Iran to assassinate the Saudi ambassador and blow up the Saudi and Israeli embassies in DC should come at no surprise, I have been warning on the threat by the Iranian regime and its terrorist activities for years. This is just the beginning…..”
For those who dont know… the Iran Icon
Many believe that Iran is a nation within a geographic area that has an unjust regime, disrespecting human rights and causing chaos in the Middle East.Well you thought wrong; the truth is Iran is not a regime, it is an Icon and generations have been raised to worship this Icon, which represents a vision of raising an empire through certain beliefs.
An Icon is not limited to a geographic area; it extends all around the world through the followers of its belief.
In order to defeat Iran we should understand that we are dealing with an Icon represented in a country with a vision of building an empire that has numerous points of power and numerous points of weakness.
The story of Iran and how it became an Icon goes back 300 years when there was a country called Faris “Persia”, which was mainly a part of current Iran.
The coast was ruled by Arabs, a country later called Ahwaz and beneath it there was a country called Hormoz, the whole coast was called Arabstan.In the middle of the gulf there were islands, one of them called Qashim, all of these areas were ruled by Arabs, Mostly by the Al Qassimi Royal Family.
Faris was Sunni and there weren’t many Shi’a in that area, except some in Iraq which was ruled by the Othmani’s.Sunna and Shi’a were not much different than each other at that era of time, whereas Shi’a which means “supporters” had called them self this nickname because they supported Al Imam Ali against those who tried to twist Islam.
In general they are part of Sunna, and Sunna means “Followers of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) and his companions” which is the general Islamic faith that’s why nowadays they are 1.2 billion Muslims.
Faris was ruled by a person called Ismael Al Safawi who had been in a constant war with the Othmani’s (Ottoman Empire) in Iraq trying to take over it in a step to rebuild the Persian empire, but he constantly lost due to the powerful Othmani Empire, which was so powerful that it brought down most of the European countries at that era in time.
Ismael AlSafawi too was facing many troubles within his army, as Muslim do not invade and kill another Muslim, or anyone else from any other religion without a true legitimate justification for war. One can only act in self-defense or if protecting their country, and he couldn’t find a solution for this, he was facing disobedience in the army and criticism from all over the country, no one wanted to kill or invade since it is against the Islamic faith.
One day it came to Ismael AlSafawi’s knowledge that there was a Muslim cleric who had been kicked out from Iraq due to his heresy and twisted concepts of Islam. This cleric was currently in Faris spreading his branch of a twisted Islamic faith.
He called in this cleric and listened to him, and he was impressed with what he was saying. Regardless that he was considered as an infidel by all Muslims at that time, the cleric had some points irrelevant to Islam neither related to the Sunna or Shia branch, but if implemented Ismael AlSafawi could overcome his army’s disobedience and he could become a God, who no one would dare to disobey.
The cleric was spreading a new branch of the Shi’a faith, which has some the following main points:
  • Wrong and falsified Islamic incidents
  • A person called Al Mahdi, who is in the Muslim belief, will be born at the end of time and lead the Muslims. But in the cleric’s story was Al Mahdi being already born hiding underground for about 1000 years, and that God talks to him and gives him orders.
  • There should be a person called Waly Al-Faqih who is in touch with Al Mahdi and take orders from him, which in turn to be considered as God’s orders
Ismael AlSafawi liked this Twisted idea of Islam very much and he ordered to unite Faris on this new twisted Shi’a branch and whoever disobeyed was tortured or killed including his own mother who refused to follow this twisted faith.After successfully uniting Faris by force to what we know today as Iran he made this Shi’a branch as the official religion of the country.
He started encouraging clerics to falsify historical Islamic stories and incidents and to write many books, spreading a new belief that everyone not on this twisted Shi’a branch blood and money is legitimate and rightful to claim.So it became that everyone was labeled an infidel except them, and he became the one carrying Gods orders and start acting like God. He then sent some clerics to Iraq to spread this new twisted faith, one thing led to another and the Othmani’s became aware of this and crushed Ismael Al Safawi, (that is another historical story).
The reason Ismael AlSafawi wanted to spread this new twisted faith in Iraq was to build followers there who would obey him as obeying God, which will help him over taking Iraq. Mainly they targeted poor people and bought them with money.
As well this twisted faith allows the follower to do many things that are forbidden by Islam, like having as many women as they want and doing many unethical things, they made it very attractive under the name of a new branch of Islam.So now in this twisted Shi’a branch people have to obey Waly Al-Faqih or face horrible consequences.
There were many historical influences at that era of time like the British invasion of the Middle East and so on, but what I want to spot a light on is the following:
  • Iran is a country ruled by a person who supposedly talks to Al Mahdi, whom in his turn talks to God. In today’s situation Khamenei is considered to be as God’s executer on earth to the follower of this Shia twisted branch.
  • Anything Khamenei says or orders is to be considered as God’s will and must be fulfilled.
The rise of the Iranian Empire
In the early 1900′s some clerics the “leftover” of this new Shia branch who were working and recruiting followers in the dark  gathered in Iraq and decided to build the Mahdi Empire.Iran was fertilized with this belief, their initial goal was to take over the world but it was just a dream, however with time it started to be more realistic on what they can really overtake and control.
It was purely a twisted religious thing since they mixed religion with politics and everything in order to make everyone following their leader Waly Al-Faqih who represented God and who is known as a “perfect person” who never makes a mistake.
To take over Middle East they had first to control the Arabian Gulf, at that time it was the route of the global trade between east and west, and Oil was discovered. They started to take over Iran by overthrowing the Shah’s regime through manipulating people who were followers to this twisted Shi’a faith in Iran, by telling them this was God’s order.
The Shah’s regime was a liberal system and in this kind of environment they lost their religious power over the people, besides this his regime was too powerful and not everyone in Iran at that time supported the idea to worship a human as God’s executer on earth.To understand more I should briefly talk about Al Khomeini’s story…
Al Khomeini is not a religious leader neither was he capable to be one, his story goes as follow:
In the Shah’s time Cotton was a very profitable income as well as Oil, the Shah was selling cotton and oil to the British. The followers of this twisted Shi’a branch were mainly staying in groups in certain areas, one of them was Qom. They always do so, they do not mix with the whole community for a reason, but this is another story.
They had their schools called “Howza” that teaches this twisted branch of the Shi’a faith to the followers and graduate religious leaders. Khomeini was a fresh student there.
They were using the Governments land as “private property” until one day the Shah ordered to take over these cotton lands and sell them for Iran’s income as they had no right to be using the land in the first place but the Shi’a simply planted them with cotton and sold it for an income to finance their religious agenda.
No one dared to talk or disobey the Shahs’ order, except a young man, Al Khomeini, he refused to let go or obey the law. So simply he was imprisoned.The Shi’a clerics felt bad that a young student stood in front of the government and they couldn’t do a thing about it. So they came up with a brilliant idea after finding a hole in Iran’s constitution which said that “Almarja’ Al Akbar” meaning the head of the religion cannot be imprisoned.
They went to the Shah and announced that Al Khomeini was the head of their religion in the state, regardless that he was a fresh student and still knew nothing about religion.The Shah was forced to release him but deported him abroad to Iraq, so he went to Al Najaf. There he met with the group of this twisted Shi’a branch who wanted to take over the world, and they started planning together.
To them Al Khomeini now was the head of this religious branch, even though he didn’t know much, and they appointed him as a leader.
Iraqi authorities knew about them and that they were willing to overthrow the regime, so again he was deported to France… and from there you can follow the story.
Followers and clerics of this twisted Shia branch worked hard for 30 years under the Al Khomeini leadership to bring the Shah’s regime down, they obeyed Al Khomeini because now Al Khomeini to them was Waly Al-Faqif.
They used a very critical concept called Toqya to accomplish their agenda.
Toqya is a concept in this Shi’a branch, which orders the followers to be hypocrites to the extremist levels and to do anything just to gain the trust of powerful people and countries in order to use them one day for their benefit. It is similar to a sleeping cell concept.Everything is allowed to be used, even giving away their wives and daughters for sexual services. Giving away money, drugs, and doing anything even the wildest couldn’t imagine.
Another concept was that they planted into their follower’s injustice.They raised them on a way that the more injustice you face the nearer to victory you were, so no matter what they did under the Toqya or executing Waly Al-Faqih orders and the more bad they did feel they still thought they were doing the right thing.
It sounds insane, but unfortunately this is real and this is the truth.
One of the methods they use to control their followers is keep tying everything to a historical falsified Islamic incident and keep reminding them through their continuous religious activities throughout the year.
Explaining the whole thing is long and it is another story on its own…..
Moving on….they brought down the Shah’s regime when their interests crossed with Western interests. But controlling the west shore of the Arabian Gulf was not enough, and they needed to control both shores.
Bahrain is the smallest country and easy to takeover and they started to overtake it way before they overtook Iran. They migrated the followers to Bahrain in the 1920′s and In the 50′s they started organizing how to take it over. Well this is another interesting story….
Now when Khomeini came to power in Iran in 1979 he wrote down his 50 years plan to take over the Arabian Gulf, I will not explain it since it is another story, but I will mention the sequence:
  1. Take over Iraq
  2. Take over Bahrain
  3. Take over Kuwait
  4. Take over the East side of KSA
  5. Take over UAE
  6. Take over Oman
  7. Take over Qatar
  8. Take over the rest of KSA
Could it be done? Yes and very simply, all what they had to do is have the ruler as one of the followers of this Shi’a branch who will obey Waly Al-Faqih in Iran as he is obeying God, different countries names? But as a concept it is all Iran?
That’s why I mentioned earlier that Iran is an Icon representing a vision and not a country within a geographic area. Syria is Iran, Lebanon now is Iran after Hezbollah took over it, and Iraq is Iran.
Americans in the area couldn’t distinguish between Shi’a and Iran, true not all Shi’a are followers to Iran, except the one on Welayat Al Faqih, but how can you tell the difference when they are using Toqya? Lying, cheating, and doing anything?
This will explain to you why Iran is killing the Shi’a in Ashraf camp and in Ahwaz, follow us obey Waly Al-faqih the executer of God or die. Racism towards Arabs is another story about Iran….
And how do we destroy the Icon?
In order to bring down the Iranian Empire, we should analyze it based on some of what I mentioned and explained in this article. Their followers, their lobbies, their intelligence, and their resources. I would suggest you read this for more details:http://www.bahrainviews.com/?p=1181
If we look closely we will find that everything is tied together under the Icon of Iran, and always there is a point where everything crosses with each other.Target this point, remove or destroy it, and everything will fall apart. This Icon and the Iranian Empire was built on is the concept of Welayat Al-Faqih, people worshiping a human by force because he appointed himself as the executer of God’s will on earth. And this is the intersection point we are looking at. This is Iran’s true power, not their military, not their money, but what makes its followers obey whatever it wants.
The lobbies all around the world of who have interests with Iran will fall apart eventually, because they do not worship this Waly Al-Faqih, except business is business. When Waly Al-Faqih concept fell, they will move on eventually away from trouble.
But who is protecting this concept?
Unfortunately us, since Iran is hiding behind a religious branch that they made and always keep changing, they had granted the wall of discriminations. Whenever you attack them or their followers they will say this is discrimination against us. Single or group acts are not enough to bring down Iran, because it is an icon and has followers all around the world. It must be a global organized act based on evidences and justifications.
There are many steps and measures that should be taken first in order to free the world from the Iranian grip. Starting from stripping it from its power and ending with giving its people freedom to live the way they choose.
Iran from the inside is very weak, and its people are suffering to the maximum. Worshiping a human concept is efficient in the dark ages, but now the world became one small village and humans became more civilized.
Let us browse some interesting measures that can be organized globally to destroy this empire and grant world peace…
First: we need to unleash a global media war on the Waly Al-Faqih concept explaining to the whole world what Welayat Al-Faqih is, what are their goals behind this concept is, and what they are doing to the people following it.This will raise global awareness and many who joined this twisted trend recently will convert out of it. It will help in stopping Iran from spreading it around the world and recruiting people for Hezbollah’s cells. Plus a dozen other benefits….
Second: Exposing all of the Iranian agents and trial them in their countries. Don’t tell me we do not know who they are? Ok I can present 50 to 60% of these agents around the world for you, investigate around them and you will find the rest plus all illegal business and activities they are doing.
Simply look at Bahrain’s fake revolution, who is supporting and fabricating for it from the beginning until now, those are your agents. Journalists, Human rights activists, organizations, politicians, just name it! Now you have your initial list. Take advantage of the fake revolution in Bahrain, don’t lose the opportunity to uncover the agents before they hide underground, this in turn will uncover the rest….
Third: Strip Iran from its military power and constant threat toward Israel, by bringing down the Al Assad regime in Syria, I am sure we do not need any further clarifications on the Syrian situation.
Don’t stop there, march towards Lebanon and crush Hezbollah, aren’t they labeled as a terrorist organization worldwide? We do have 1000 reasons to do so, and we must chase their cells all over the world. I believe I explained to you how to find them
Forth: Delist MEK and support them, as well support Al Ahwaz to get their freedom. Ahwaz is the whole shore of Iran and it is a country invaded by Iran in 1925, the nuclear reactor and 90% of Iran’s Oil is located in Ahwaz too. Giving them their independency which is their right, will destroy Iran and stop its future threat on the world.
Fifth: Fix Iraq, you severely messed it up, NOW free it from Waly Al-Faqih followers.
Sixth: Stop dealing with those who are on Welayat Al-Faqih by cleaning the house. Remove them from your embassies, research development facilities, and military bases.
Seventh: Pay attention to your true friends who were always there for you when you needed them, and give them whatever you were giving those Iranian followers. Teach them and make them stronger, you and they have a united destiny and they will never turn over you.
Eight: Stop protecting and hosting terrorists in your countries under the name of opposition, and stop giving away nationalities for people who are in Welayat Al-Faqih, will ya? Please just stop doing this. They are agents planted there to destroy you, got it?
Nine: All of the above steps will bring down Iran, the majority of who are on Welayat Al-Faqih are forced to follow this concept, and there are many means they do to keep them in control. Even if they are living abroad… Also place in mind, they only send abroad the extremists, the one you cannot cure.
When the Mullah’s regime falls in Iran the concept of Welayat Al-Faqih gradually will vanish from the world, if we implemented the global awareness, the majority will be free from it.
Extremists will be casted away from the people who suffered from it, and they will fight their twisted thoughts, correcting it for the future generations.
Ten: Iran will not go into a war, because the moment its people sense that it is in danger and become weak they will rise claiming freedom. True it might take some Military actions in the area, but we should not go into war with it, it should be quick and fast. Bombing facilities and bringing out the H bomb. Throw one in their desert and look at their Army, will they stand still or turn over the regime, because at that moment after implementing all these steps Iran’s Icon will become a lost cause.
If you need further in more details analysis on how Iran is using its Waly Al-Faqih concept to enforce its politics and economy, and how it uses it to take over the world, you would need to hear Bahrain true story, (not this revolution of blah) but the real untold story which started in 1920 and is still going on up to now..

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