14 March 2012

Network Marketing Success

The Magic Number for Network Marketing Success

Jordan Adler is the #1 top income earner is his network marketing company.
He earns over a $100,000 per month, working part-time, and started building this new business less than five years ago.
Amazingly, this is the second million dollar business Jordan has created.
His first, back in the early 90′s, was with a well-known telecommunications company. He signed up, sought out a mentor, followed instructions, follow through, and within three short years was raking in over a million dollars per year NET.
So what’s the secret?
What, specifically, is Jordan doing that allows him to go from ZERO to HERO in just a few short years? Twice?!
I mean, think about it.
Building ONE million dollar per year income stream could be attributed to being at the right place at the right time… or to being lucky… blessed… or even coincidence. But to build TWO massively profitable businesses in about the same amount of time, in two completely different industries, CANNOT be coincidence or luck or any such thing.
The only thing that makes sense is Jordan is working a system that works.
A proven model. A system that can be duplicated by anyone, in any company, to produce the same results.
You can find all of Jordan’s tips, tricks and inside secrets in his new best-seller, Beach Money – Creating Your Dream Life Though Network Marketing. You can pick up a copy in any book store or order online at Amazon. Heck, you might even be able to find it in the library.

The Numbers Do Not Lie

Jordan built both of his businesses without using the internet, lead generation sites or any other type of online system. He never advertised, purchased leads or participated in any type of mass marketing. Never. And he still doesn’t.
Beach Money - Creating Your Dream Life
Beach Money - Creating Your Dream Life Through Networking
Jordan simply introduces his business to the people he meets and he works on meeting new people constantly.
He is the quintessential networking professional.
He’s nice, conversational and committed to sharing a way to wealth that has worked for him. Why be shy when you hold the answer to many people’s problems in your hand?
How many people? Jordan shares that if you sponsor 25-30 new people, one third will do nothing, one third will produce a tiny result, and one third will build the business earnestly. AND, most important, you will probably find one LEADER who will, in time, add hundreds if not thousands of people into the program.
“To find one or two solid leaders, you must
sponsor and train at least twenty to thirty people.”
- Jordan Adler, Beach Money
To create a million dollar business – be prepared to sign up and train 100 people. This effort will produce 4-6 leaders that can and will make you a very, very rich person.
Do the numbers hold true? In my experience… yes!
I currently have over 8800 in my primary network marketing business and I’ve personally sponsored about 60 individuals.
Of the sixty I’ve personally signed up… 20 have since left the business… 20 continue to produce a consistent, but tiny result… and 20 are producing a significant result. ONE leader is responsible for adding thousands to my team and other LEADER has added hundreds and is working on adding thousands.
I’ve been with this company four years. So I average what… ONE sign up per month?! (Now I’m embarrassed!)
But the numbers do not lie. 20-30 people will produce 1-2 leaders.
Be prepared to find 4-6 solid leaders (sign up 100+ people) and you will create a MILLION DOLLAR business.
Jordan signed up just over 100 people in his first business, and just over 140 people in his second.
The numbers don’t lie. They tell a story. A magnificent, wonderful, life-changing story.
So what actions can you take to introduce 2-3 new team members a month for the next 3-5 years?
Be prepared to sign up 100 people – to do what MOST people will never do. Then enjoy the rest of your life doing EXACTLY what everyone would like to do… but can’t.
Now, honestly, I don’t know ONE WAY to sign up 100 new people. But I know 100 ways to sign up one.
So call me. Let’s chat, get to know each other a little bit better and brainstorm a game plan. 
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