10 January 2012

The Eight Hidden Values of a Network Marketing Business, Other Than Making Money

The Business School For People Who Like Helping People. 
-by Deborah Marsden

Robert T. Kiyosaki is the renowned author of Rich Dad Poor Dad , the Cash Flow Quadrant and many others, including The Business School :

There's simply no denying the success and credibility of Robert Kiyosaki.

Not only does he write books for those who want to make money but he is an international speaker on the subject.

Robert Kiyosaki supports and writes about the value of the network marketing opportunity but remains impartial and doesn't support any particular company.

In his book Rich Dad Poor Dad , he quotes his 'rich dad' as saying "The richest people in the world look for and build networks, everyone else looks for work."

Successful people in business form their own networks for success. The formation of networks results in unlimited income potential through leverage. This is the use of not just your own efforts and money but uses the money, time and efforts of others. This impact on your business can be exponential.

If you go it alone and work strictly in a business that focuses on you as the individual, your income will be limited to your efforts only.

Robert Kiyosaki focuses on the network marketing industry in his book The Business School For People Who Like Helping People which he wrote with Sharon L. Lechter.

For much of his life, Robert had many prejudices about the network marketing industry, but after years of research and interviewing leaders he says:

"I met some of the most intelligent, kind, ethical, moral and professional people I have met in all my years of business".

He admits that once he got over his prejudices and met people that he respected and related to "I found the heart of the industry".

Now he 'gets it'. He can see what those of us in the network marketing industry have known all along.
There is more to this business than money, although money is a GOOD thing.
Finally, someone is saying really good things about network marketing!

So What Are The Eight Hidden Values Of A Network Marketing Business, Other Than making Money?

This is a brief review of the eight values and should only make you want more, so get ready to read the book.
Here are what Robert Kiyosaki recognizes as the Eight Hidden Values of Network Marketing Other than Money.

Value#1: Life Changing Business Education

The number one reason he recommends network marketing as a business is for its system of education. It's important to look beyond the products and the compensation plan and look into the heart of the company. Is it a company that is interested in educating you? You need to learn about the company as well as their products. What sort of training is provided?

Value#2: The Value of Changing Quadrants instead of just changing jobs

In his book CASHFLOW Quadrant the differences between the four quadrants are explained. E=employee, S= Self-employed or small business owner, B=business owner and I= Investor. According to Robert Kiyosaki we should all strive to be in the 'B' or the 'I' quadrants. A 'B' or big business owner can leave his or her business for a year or more and it will continue to prosper and even grow. A self-employed (S quadrant) is the quadrant of very hard work. Many small businesses fail because of exhaustion, financial and/or physical.
Network Marketing is a business model that can take you from the 'E' or 'S' quadrant to the 'B' or 'I', where you want to be.

Value#3: the Value of Access into a B quadrant Business

Entering into a 'B' quadrant business can be a very expensive exercise. Network Marketing is a business that provides access to the 'B' quadrant at a more affordable price and with a lot less effort.

Value#4: The Value Of Investing Into The Same Investments The Rich Invest In.

The 'rich' can invest in things that we regular folks can't. This is because the American Securities and exchange Commission also known as the SEC requires that an individual have an annual salary of at least $200,000 a year or $300,000 a year per couple in order to be classified as an 'accredited investor' allowing you access to the inner sanctum of investing. Robert Kiyosaki suggests people look into network marketing because of the investment advantages it offers. Those who are successful in MLM can afford to invest in the same things as the very rich.

Value#5: The Value of Living Your Dreams

One of the most important values of a network marketing business is that going after and living your dreams is stressed. Dreams are usually much more than monetary and go way beyond material things. These dreams often include charity, funding schools or churches and more. Dream Big.

Value#6: What is the Value of a Network?

The power and the value of a networked business is that it grows exponentially, not arithmetically. Let me explain briefly. Robert Metcalf is a man who among other things is one of the people credited with the discovery of the ether-net. He has come up with a Law called Metcalf's Law. It says:A network's economic value = No. Users squared. In other words, if you are the only one in your business your economic value is 0. Once you have someone else in your business with you, the economic value has gone from 0 to 4. When there are three of you the value goes from 4 to 9. This is exponential growth, not arithmetic. Your efforts are now being 'leveraged'. This is the value of network marketing.

Value#7: How Your Values Determine Your Reality

I think this is just about the most important value. Recognizing that your core values determine your reality. Once you know and understand this concept, you can focus on changing your values and then getting different results. This is a really good chapter and is important to spend some time in it. Robert Kiyosaki explains it like this. If someone values 'job security' then they will most likely be in the 'E' quadrant, an employee. If their value was being an individual, doing things on their own, then they would most likely find themselves in the 'S' quadrant or the hard working self-employed. If you're core value is fear of taking a risk, then you would be finding yourself focusing on the 95% of people who fail in their small business in their first five years. However, if your core value was to see beyond the 95% failure rate and focused on the 5% success rate, then the result is a different reality. Be willing to be part of the 95% who don't make it, in order to become part of the 5% who do.

Value#8: The Value of Leadership 

Robert Kiyosaki once again quotes his 'rich dad' who said: "Money always flows to the leader. If you want more money, simply become more of a leader." One of the most important values you can get from a network marketing business is leadership training. Leadership is necessary for the success in the 'B' quadrant.

Educating yourself is one of the most important things you can do to be a success in network marketing.
Reading Robert Kiyosaki's book Rich Dad's The Business School For People Who Like Helping People should be part of your education.

Your spirit will be lifted and your values and dreams expanded.

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