03 April 2014

How to Clean Grapes menggunakan Basic H !

You know that white powder-y film you find on grapes?  Well, I was doing some research to find out exactly what that is and my results were inconclusive.  (If you have the answer, please do share!)  The main two answers I found were: it is a fungus or it is a wax coating.  Either way, I don’t want to eat it!
So I was very pleased to find that we already had something in the house to get rid of that film.  A couple drops of Shaklee’s Basic-H in water did the trick.  Basic-H is safe enough to bathe a baby and also safe to wash fruit!

Fill a large bowl with water and add a few drops of Basic-H.  Gently wash the grapes under the sudsy water.
How to Clean Grapes 3Rinse well and pat dry for a much tastier looking bunch of grapes!  Wouldn’t you agree? :-)
Also, wanted to share with you a few things that are coming up around here!  The first thing is…a new blog design is in progress!  Should be easier to navigate and much more organized. (YAY!)  I have some amazing leaders on my brand partner team helping me out!  They are amazing!  Also, I have been asked to be a regular contributor on Day 2 Day Joys which is a blog I have followed and loved for sometime.  Such an honor to be a part of Rachel’s Team!  My first post over there is coming up next week!  And lastly I wanted to let you know about the next series I have going on…Summer Ready Hair and Skin!  Coming Soon!I hope you all are well and that spring has officially sprung wherever you live!

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